Welcome to my site.  This is the site for both coinfamily.net and coinfamily.com for now.  My name is Walter Coin.  I live in Clinton Tennessee.  I a proud to be a veteran of the Viet-Nam era.  My goal in life is to help those who can't help themselves and always be a friend of our military and veterans. The purpose of my site is to address the Sir Name "Coin" and to post veteran information that interests me.  I hope it assist others who may venture here in their cyber-space journey.

My old unit is the 535th Engineer Company.  The company arrived back in the USA from Iraq in early 2004.  Check history here.

  Are you on the list) .... (H) is for History
                      The Alumni Roster for the 130th Engineer Brigade  (H) (H)
List of :               / 16th Engr. Bn.  (H)                                          / 38th Engr. Co.   (H)                   
                         / 54th Engr. Bn.  (H) (H) (H)                               / 93rd Engr. Co. (H)
                        / 78th Engr. Bn.   (H) (H)                                   / 320th Engr. Co.      
                       / 94th Engr. Bn. (H)  (H) (H) (H)                         / 516th Engr. Co. (H) (H) 
                      / 237th Engr. Bn. (H)                                        / 502nd Engr. Co. (H) (H) 
                     / 317th Engr. Bn. (H) (H)                                   / 535th Engr. Co. (H) (H) 
                    / 547th Engr. Bn. (H) (H)                                   / 541st Engr. Co.  
                   / 549th Engr. Bn.                                             / 567th Engr. Co. (H) 
                  / 559th Engr. Bn. (H)                                        / 568th Engr. Co.  (H) 
                 / 565thEngr. Bn. (H) (H)                                    / 814th Engr. Co. (H) 
                / 1303th (E.G.S.R.) (H) (H)
(Not on the Alumni Roster for now  (H)   503rd En Co (CSE) and the 683rd / 9th En Bn  / 649th En Bn    / 6970th CSC  /
 Click here for the Alumni Roster    Read it then click on the Alumni Roster

To add your Name to list Click here for Webmaster    the  130th Engineer Brigade web site  

 Past Brigade Commanders  And  Units - Past and Present  

                        Were you Station in Germany you got to look at this  Kasernes / BICC list

                                                       535th Engineer Company (L.E.) in  1970 
To see this Photo "Click" 130th  go down the page the image on the left is a group photo of the "Push on" photo" to inlarge.


Check here Tolleson Sweetheart - A very good site for veterans.  Tributes to Vietnam, Korea and of course the girls left behind.  Just going to her site made me a fan and she is my special sweetheart.

Check here for General's Coin - Email our Military

My brother Charles was in the U.S. Navy and he was assigned to the USS Lowry DD770.

Check out this picture from 1970, Mannheim Germany 



This picture is me opening my Christmas gifts at my best friends house on Christmas Eve 2003.  Note my shirt!  I am patriotic.


Click here for a picture of my son.

My site is new and under construction.  Please feel free to contact me at Walter@CoinFamily.net